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Fear of A-H1N1 virus grips world


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Fear of A-H1N1 virus grips world

Post by yusuf on Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:34 pm

Whether deserved or not, A/H1-N1 flu is quickly becoming the world's most feared virus. In the northern hemisphere, where the winter season is just around the corner, infections caused by the virus are growing in a number of countries, though the death toll remains comparatively low.

Japan has reported over 1.5 million cases of the A/H1N1 flu virus as of Friday. According to a Japanese media report, A/H1N1 flu cases have reached an "alarming level" in the country, with expectations

rising that many more seriously ill children will require hospitalization.

People are also worried that shortages of medical resources will allow the virus to spread unchecked around the country.

Elsewhere in Asia, less developed countries like Afghanistan have also been gripped by anxiety over the A/H1N1 flu pandemic. In the country's capital, Kabul, children wear gauze masks to counter the virus, and last week, eight people died of the disease. Another 10 thousand have been infected. The government has warned people to avoid crowded places, and has ordered the closure of all schools for three weeks.

In Mongolia, vaccine shortages have led people to rely on folk prescriptions, including horse meat. As a result, the country has seen the price of horse meat rise sharply.

The death toll from the A/H1N1 flu virus has risen to six in the country by Thursday, and nearly 900 people have been infected.

Health authorities have taken a series of measures against the spread of the virus, including canceling public activities and closing schools.

On the other hand, Russian health authority claimed on Friday that the A/H1N1 flu pandemic is under control. The government said people have been unduly frightened by media hype and sensational reports. It assured people that they need not panic, as the government is closely monitoring the spread of the virus.

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